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The End

It’s weird to think that I’m almost a quarter of the way through college. It’s been a long year and a short year at the same time. Here, time does this weird thing where every day creeps along at a snail’s pace, but the weeks rush by. Seven weeks ago I was on my service trip in Portland, hanging out with a bunch of awesome little kids and teaching them long division. Twelve weeks ago I was worrying about my first paper for my politics class–the longest paper I’ve had to write this year. Sixteen weeks ago I was coming home from a month off and looking forward to all the fun new classes I would get to take. And two weeks from now I’m going to be looking back on this week and wondering how I managed to get through finals (I think I can do it). Continue reading

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Unicycle Jousting!

As the academic year crawls toward its close, the campus becomes busier and busier. This is great because there are so many exciting events, speakers, films, and activities to go to. This is terrible because I have so much work to do that I’m missing a ton. Today, however, I managed to drag myself away from my econ paper and head to Whitman’s 43rd annual Renaissance Faire. I have a few friends who have been planning and assisting with Ren Faire, and heard a lot about it before it actually happened. I thought it sounded pretty cool, but I didn’t expect it to be as amazing, entertaining, and impressive as it actually was. Because wow. Continue reading

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WCSBST, Part One

A nonsense acronym? No, a great acronym! WCSBST stands for Whitman College Spring Break Service Trips, a group of volunteer service trips Whitman’s Student Engagement Center puts on every spring break. Along with its pre-fall-semester SCOREs, SBSTs are a wonderful way to serve the larger community in a meaningful way and meet some great Whitties at the same time. Continue reading

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Clubbing it Up

Hey all! Again, a very busy week for me, mostly because of a new club I’m involved in–Active Minds.

Active Minds is a national organization devoted to raising awareness of mental health issues on college campuses and removing the stigma associate with mental illness. In the fall, I met a few people who were interested in starting a chapter, and, thinking it sounded pretty cool, I decided to volunteer to help them out. It’s been a long process, but Active Minds was finally confirmed by ASWC about two weeks ago, and we’ve been running around planning and organizing ever since. Continue reading

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VPMUN Adventures

Remember when I promised to start updating more regularly? Well, I’m retroactively taking back that promise so I can make it again now. Surprise! In all honesty though, I’m incredibly sorry that I’ve been so absent lately. However, this time I have an actual excuse! Last weekend I had the absolute privilege of getting to embark on another WhitMUN adventure, this time to the faraway land of Vancouver, Washington. Well, at least itĀ seemsĀ faraway when you haven’t left Walla Walla in a month. Continue reading


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