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I really meant to post this earlier, but unfortunately, finals week is coming up. So. After The Week of Doom, I embarked on a trip to the faraway land of Seattle, for the purposes of participating in NWMUN (Northwest Model United Nations), an annual MUN conference with schools from all over the Northwest (and a few from outside as well–the US Coast Guard Academy came all the way from Connecticut!). It was a three-day conference, beginning Friday afternoon and ending Sunday afternoon.

If you’ve never done MUN before, it’s a bit tricky to grasp. Basically, every delegate (or representative, or participant) represents a country. For the purposes of the conference, the delegate becomesĀ that country. You don’t say “I support this resolution,” you say “Turkey supports this resolution.” Each delegate is a member of a committee which has a specific set of topics and functions as an independent body. For instance, the UNESCO (UN Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) Executive Board discussed “Increasing Access for People with Disabilities” and “HIV/AIDS and Reproductive Health Education.” My committee, the General Assembly Plenary, was set to cover “Agricultural Development and Food Security” and “The Question of Palestine.”

Who knew that you could spend three full days (~18 hours in committee, I counted) talking about food security?!?! Apparently, you can. We did. Which was a shame, because I was really looking forward to talking about Palestine. It was great to see (almost) all of the countries working together to try and create something that would really benefit the world as a whole. Some countries forged incredibly unlikely alliances, like me (Turkey) and Armenia, and others worked together on resolutions. At one point, one of the drafts of our resolution had most of Eastern Europe, France, North Korea, Indonesia, Iraq, and Great Britain all supporting it.

Anyway, we eventually got a resolution passed–I won’t go into the logistics because I would put all of you to sleep. Here’s the important part. Whitman’s MUN program has only been up and running for a few years now. We took a total of 8 people to NWMUN, while other schools brought upwards of 50 people and had worked on all their research for months on end.

We won two Distinguished Delegate awards and, most impressively of all, OUTSTANDING DELEGATION! The highest award the conference offers went to one of the smallest delegations! Go WhitMUN!

2 thoughts on “WhitMUN

  1. Dear Arden, What about Palestine? Love, Aunt Joy

    • Well, since we didn’t have enough time to discuss it I’m not exactly sure where the topic would have ended up, but the general idea was how to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and what form Palestine should take (state, territory, etc.).

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