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Remember when I promised to start updating more regularly? Well, I’m retroactively taking back that promise so I can make it again now. Surprise! In all honesty though, I’m incredibly sorry that I’ve been so absent lately. However, this time I have an actual excuse! Last weekend I had the absolute privilege of getting to embark on another WhitMUN adventure, this time to the faraway land of Vancouver, Washington. Well, at least it seems faraway when you haven’t left Walla Walla in a month.

This conference went a bit less smoothly than NWMUN did–mainly because most of our current executive board is studying off-campus (and we miss them very much!). Also, our adviser is on sabbatical, so that doesn’t help either. So the organizing of this conference fell to a bunch of newbies like me. Which was interesting.

It started by us actually realizing that now we had to take charge and exercise our authority. And decide whether or not we were actually going to the conference. Vancouver-Portland Model UN (VPMUN) is a brand-spanking-new conference this year, and promised to be a great MUN introduction for some of our less-experienced members. Decision = check.

Then we had to figure out travel. How were eight people going to get to Vancouver when only one person had a car? After about three hours of planning, we decided on a bus to Tri-Cities, then a bus to Portland, then somehow magically getting to Vancouver from Portland. (Luckily, the Whitman Physical Plant was kind enough to lend us a car, so we didn’t have to do that. Again, have I mentioned that Whitman is the best? They will literally lend you a car if you ask.)

So, we knew how we were getting to Vancouver! Great! Then we had to actually do it. Packing and planning and preparing and budgeting and buying and driving. Yeah, that’s a lot of work. Oh, and studying up on actual conference material. Right.

Shockingly enough, Whitman killed it at VPMUN. As one of the smallest delegations present, we walked away with two individual awards (and probably should have received Best Delegation as well, in my humble opinion). I had a particularly fun time representing the Republic of Iraq–which is a challenge when you’re discussing the improving of human rights in third-world countries, which is an issue Iraq isn’t huge on promoting. We also represented the United States, Argentina, Italy, and Togo in the General Assembly and Security Council. We had a blast and got some serious diplomatic work done at the same time. I also humbly believe we should have received an award for Delegation with the Best Dance Moves–we had a dance party in the parking lot after lunch one day, and there were more than a few delegates openly staring at us. Yes, Whitman is awesome.

Did I mention that I had two essays due the week of the conference and another due the following week? Yes, at Whitman, you’re always busy. In the case of the conference, fun-busy! In the case of the barrage of essays, crazy-busy. But it’s okay, because you get the feeling that the administration and your professors actually trust you with responsibility. A few students planned an entire excursion to Vancouver, and we all managed to turn our homework in as well. As Whitties, we know how to balance work and activities and fun. And sometimes sleep as well, an activity which I have relished this three-day weekend–a weekend I hope you enjoy as well!

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