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About Me

Hello there! My name is Arden Robinette, and I’m a first-year at Whitman College. I’m from Sherwood, Oregon, a suburb of Portland (go Timbers!). I declared a history major in April 2013 (hooray!). My hobbies include blogging (obviously), reading, hiking, listening to music, watching soccer (when I can), and generally being a nerd and geeking out about things. I work at the Admission Office during the school year and I’m spending the summer working in the Office of Development on campus.

I’ll hopefully be updating this blog at least once a week. You can also find me all around the web on various college advice sites and discussion boards, trying to convince everyone that they should come to Whitman.

A note on the blog title: I think “cellar door” is a fitting description of this blog–a doorway into Whitman for many, but not the front door (that’s the Admission Office) or the back door (that’s probably College Confidential or the Princeton Review). Instead, it’s the door into the cellar, a path less frequented and not well-known. And it’s a fun movie reference, so kudos to you if you get it.


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